Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance Protects Your Livelihood

Owning and managing a business requires careful planning for the road ahead. At Superior Insurance – Travis McCray Agency, we design custom commercial insurance plans for our business clients. From general liability coverage to business auto, we have you covered. If you own or operate a business in Charlotte, Greenville, Concord, or surrounding NC, contact us for a personalized consultation. We work with top insurance carriers to provide competitive rates that can’t be beat.

Types of Commercial Insurance

The type of business you own necessitates the protection your policy will include. Common types of business policy include:

  • General Liability – Commercial general liability insurance is an important staple for any type of business. It provides financial compensation when a person is injured or property is damage on-site at your business or because of your business’ or employees’ actions. General liability also delivers coverage for legal representation if your business is sued after such an incident.
  • Commercial Property – This pillar of commercial insurance protects the physical structures where your business operates, including office space, warehouse space, or production areas. Commercial property insurance can also include coverage for interruption of business that results from an injury or other incident that occurs on premises that results in loss of profit. In many cases, we can combine and save money on a business owner’s policy (BOP), by joining your commercial property and general liability coverage in one policy.
  • Worker’s Compensation – Worker’s compensation insurance is typically required of any business in North Carolina with employees. It pays out employees who sustain a work-related injury. These can range from minor injuries, such as a broken toe, to major injuries and even death. Worker’s compensation protects you from potentially astronomical costs if an employee should sue you.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Like personal auto insurance policy, commercial auto insurance protects your business if a company vehicle is involved in an accident. These policies can vary greatly in terms of premiums depending upon how many and what type of vehicles you operate and what level of coverage is appropriate.

Umbrella Insurance

We work with several business insurance clients who have unique coverage needs. Commercial umbrella insurance policy can provide additional coverage that exceed the limits of other policies, like general liability, or can be customized to cover other events. Whatever your needs, the Superior Insurance – Travis McCray Agency team can and will create a commercial policy that keeps you covered.

Getting Started Today

Owning and operating a business requires a great deal of time and effort as you well know. Let our team take the reins when it comes to your commercial insurance and trust that you are financially protected. We serve clients in Charlotte, Greenville, Concord, and across North Carolina. Contact the Superior Insurance – Travis McCray Agency to schedule a consultation today and receive a complimentary quote.