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Safety and Peace of Mind: Auto Insurance for All

When it comes to an auto insurance policy, most of us are looking for the same thing: a competitive rate for the right level of coverage and a helping hand when we need it most. At Superior Insurance – Travis McCray Agency, we will evaluate your unique needs and deliver the right policy for you. When it comes to auto insurance, you have a lot of choices. Our qualified agents help you choose the right types of coverage and limits that make sense for your budget, your car, and your lifestyle. We offer complimentary quotes and can help you compare rates across major carriers. If you live in Charlotte, Greenville, Concord, or surrounding North Carolina, contact Superior Insurance – Travis McCray Agency today to get started.

Auto Insurance: The Right Coverage for Your Unique Needs

From baseline liability coverage that’s legally required to operate a vehicle to top-of-the-line protection for a new or treasured vehicle, there’s an auto insurance policy for everyone. Comparing different types of coverage can be overwhelming. Consider the auto insurance coverage types below to get started on your journey.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is required in the state of North Carolina – and across the U.S. – to legally operate your vehicle. Without it, you could face serious fines if you are pulled over or involved in an accident. Liability coverage protects you financially if you are found legally responsible for an accident. Up to predetermined limits, liability auto insurance pays for damage to another person’s vehicle (property damage) and injury to another person (personal injury and medical expenses). It can also help cover the cost of legal fees that result if you are sued after an accident. Liability coverage is not only the law; it makes sense if you choose to operate a vehicle.

Liability coverage is one of the most affordable parts of an auto insurance policy with great rates and discounts available for a good driving record and other specifics.

Collision Coverage

While liability auto insurance pays for damage to another person’s vehicle, collision coverage covers your vehicle. This means coverage up to your predetermined limits if you hit another vehicle or if you collide with another object, like a basketball pole, guard rail or something else. Collision coverage is a smart addition to your policy that ensures you can get back to driving fast after an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive auto insurance is a type of coverage that covers incidents that you have no control over. This means floods, vandalism, collision with an animal or car theft. Many of our clients choose comprehensive coverage for peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection

Just as comprehensive and collision coverage take care of your property in an accident or unexpected event, medical payments and PIP help financially if you or a passenger is injured in an accident. Medical payments covers things like hospital bills, medication, and healthcare provider visits if you or your passengers are injured. PIP is a sort of extension of medical payments, with additional coverage for lost work time because of injury, funeral costs if someone dies in an accident and long-term care.

Uninsured Motorist

Traditionally in an auto accident, the person responsible for the accident (and his or her insurance policy) are responsible for the costs that result from property damage and bodily injury. When you are in an accident with a person who is uninsured or has minimal insurance coverage, however, it can be like squeezing a dry sponge. Uninsured and underinsured motorist auto policies pay out to cover these expenses for you and your passengers even if you are not at fault for an accident.

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